The key objective of the Junior Journal of Science and Technology (Jr. j. sci. technol.) ISSN 2518-0282 is to motivate and inspire youth to enjoy, understand and pursue science and technology by encouraging them to write about it and present their achievements, ideas and innovations. Writing for the Jr. j. sci. technol. and receiving feedback regarding their contributions, the youth will stimulate their own innovation potential and becomshutterstock_997483e more enthusiastic about research.

The Junior Journal of Science and Technology will contribute to change the way science is communicated and increase the participation and interest of pupils in science and technology. Besides, the Junior Journal of Science and Technology is a meeting point for all interested participants to exchange contact information and to discuss potential future projects. Thus it can establish networks and partnerships between researchers, companies and other organisations.

The Jr. j. sci. technol. is introducing a scientific way of thinking to young people. It incorporates “science is fun” aspect but also engages the youth in discussions about innovative and challenging ideas.