Who can submit the paper?
All young scientist from all academic disciplines aged 12 – 20 are welcome to submit articles to the Journal.

What should I consider when publishing by JJST?
First you have to care see requirements in About Journal are fulfilled. In order to write a good paper you can also check following content:

Can I have a co-author?
You can have one or more additional co-authors, as long as they meet the submission criteria (see requirements in About Journal). All others should be recognized in the Acknowledgements section of your paper.

What will happen to my article?
Once you have submitted the paper online, our editorial team will check its content, scientific and formal quality and appoints reviewers from the editorial board. If it is a subject that is beyond our capacity, a guest reviewer will be appointed. The final decision to accept an article or send it to back author for improvements will be done after these two review rounds. In second case, authors are asked to revise their work according to the reviewer’s comments and resubmit it by a deadline set by the editors.

How do I submit my article?
Please submit your article online by sending it per email to contact@pria.at

Can I submit multimedia files?
We encourage you to do so.

How long shall I wait for a decision on my paper?
All manuscripts submitted to the JJST are subject to peer-review process. Depending on the topic, the review process should take not longer than one month from the date of submission until receiving the journal’s decision. If it exceed this time frame you may contact the editors.

How much does it cost to publish in a JJST?
Publishing an article is free of charge.

How often does the journal get published?
The journal will be published twice a year in the spring and late fall.

How many papers can I submit?
Authors may submit an unlimited number of articles, provided that all submissions are compatible with journal guidelines (see requirements in About Journal)

What is Open Access?
All articles published in Junior Journal of Science and Technology are open access, which means they are freely and universally accessible online, and permanently archived in an internationally recognised open access repository.
Benefits of open access:

  • Open access articles are freely available via the internet and are therefore more widely visible than articles published behind subscription barriers, with some studies suggesting that on average open access articles are twice as likely to be cited.
  • Retaining copyright means that authors can reproduce and distribute their work as they choose, for example on their institution’s website.
  • Open access publication benefits the scientific community by making results of research immediately and freely available to all.

In which databases does the JJST appear?
The JJST is indexed by Google Scholar, …

Who do I contact if the answer to my question is not provided here?
If your question is not answered within the FAQs, please contact Editors at E-Mail: contact@pria.at